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FRG Cultural is an independent record label, music publisher, artist management and Show´s producer.

Founded in 2003, our main objective is to contribute to the preservation, development and enrichment of culture, through an extremely professional and serious work with music as the main goal. We are specialist in Brazilian Samba.

Although the company is in Rio de Janeiro, we work in other Brazilian cities. We produce several shows at most important houses in Lapa, the neighborhood of good music and best samba in Rio de Janeiro. 

We have produced shows at Festival Tensamba 2012 (Madri / Barcelona - Spain), Midem Festival 2014 (Cannes - France) and Leandro Fregonesi ´s Concert at WOMEX 2015! (Budapest - Hungary).

Our exclusive Artist for the international market is: Leandro Fregonesi and Renata Jambeiro. But we have worked with some important samba Artists in our productions like Nelson Sargento, Dudu Nobre, Monarco, Noca da Portela, Wilson das Neves, Luiz Carlos da Vila, Niltinho Tristeza, Áurea Martins and others. Some of our productions showed dancers of Carlinhos de Jesus Academy and/or samba school dancers.

As independent label we released the CD "No Compasso Do Meu Coração" and "Festa das Manhãs - Leandro Fregonesi". This album was nominated for two important categories of Prêmio TIM 2007 (which was one of the greatest prizes we have in Brazil): Best Singer and Best Samba Album.

We released in partnership with Som Livre label and TV Canal Brasil the CD / DVD "Leandro Fregonesi - Vai Ter Fuzuê". In this CD Fregonesi singing along some special guest and important Brazilian Singers: Beth Carvalho, Monarco, Tantinho da Mangueira, Reinaldo and Rixxa.  And this DVD has some testimonials about Leandro Fregonesi´s career from important Brazilian Artists: Maria Bethânia, Beth Carvalho, Monarco, Diogo Nogueira and others.

Contact us: 
email: frgcultural@terra.com.br

Lizete Oliveira
phone: + 55 21 25474284
mobile: + 55 21 99626 9666 (available on whatsapp)

Leandro Fregonesi

WOMEX 15 - Palace of Arts - Budapest

Leandro Fregonesi´s Concert

Concert - Leandro Fregonesi - "Vai Ter Fuzuê"
Teatro Rival Petrobrás
Song: Revolta Pela Igualdade - singing with Rixxa

Song: Suite Dos Pescadores (Dorival Caymmi)

Celebration Show 10-year Career

Leandro Fregonesi´s Concert - MIDEM Festival 2014 - Palais des Festivals - Cannes / France


Chega - Samba Mestiço - Leandro Fregonesi and Beth Carvalho

Vai Ter Fuzuê

Dinheiro Mole

Cavaleiro de Jesus

Festa Das Manhãs

Maria Isabel

De Leve No Tamborim

Video - Teatro Rival Petrobrás - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Making of - Official Theme of Brazilian Soccer Championship (composer: Leandro Fregonesi)

Video - Leandro Fregonesi and Renata Jambeiro - Back to Black Festival - 2013

Video - Leandro Fregonesi and "Velha Guarda da Portela" (Portela Samba´s School)

Videoclipe - song: Do Tambor ao Terço (Leandro Fregonesi)

Interview - TV Brasil - Samba na Gamboa

Singer and composer, Leandro Fregonesi is one of those great artist of the Brazilian Samba´s New Generation. His albums and his praised shows are based on authorial songs, intelligent and witty sambas, mixed to some hits of other well-known composers of several generations of the rhythm.

He performed in several Brazilian cities and in Spain (Madri and Barcelona – Festival Tensamba 2012), France (Cannes – Midem Festival 2014) and Hungary (Budapest - Womex 2015).

He has been composing since he was sixteen. Leandro is 35 years old and accumulates more than 400 songs,  around 60 of them already recorded by several important Brazilian artists like Maria Bethânia – CD “Meus Quintais” – song Povos do Brasil - besides his two albums, launched in 2002/2003 and 2006/2007, respectively.

Beth Carvalho, one of the most famous Brazilian singers, recorded two of his songs in her new CD “Nosso Samba tá na Rua” and won 2 important Award: the Award Brazilian Music – 2012 as “The Best Samba´s CD” and the Latin Grammy 2012. She sang one of these songs at the New Year´s Party in Copacabana for two million people.  Diogo Nogueira also recorded two Fregonesi´s songs on his CD that won the Latin Grammy 2010. One of those songs he recorded with the participation of Alcione, other very famous Brazilian singer

Leandro Fregonesi wrote the Brazilian Soccer Championship Official Theme 2013 and 2014  for the broadcasters SPORTV and PREMIERE FC.

Everything sounds as new-samba, definitely new-art compromised with all the tradition. Work complimented and produced by some of the best Maestros in Brazil.

His second album "Festa das Manhãs" (Mornings' Party) was nominated to prizes as "Best Samba Singer" and "Best Samba Album" of 2007 in Brazil.

He is releasing his third CD and DVD – Leandro Fregonesi – Vai Ter Fuzuê - in partnership with Brazil Channel TV and Som Livre Record.

He also won first place in the Festival Bota Pra Fazer Música by the jury unanimously. And for 5 years won the competition for the samba of  Simpatia É Quase Amor – a “block´s carnival” – that takes more than 100.000 people on the streets of  Rio de Janeiro at Carnival.

It’s Brazilian Samba, volume up!

Leandro Fregonesi - Vai Ter Fuzuê - CD and DVD

Festa das Manhãs - CD

“It’s said that Stepping Stone path was discovered by boys who wished to learn about the world and Its challenges. Guided by hope they took the path taking their faith with them. The Stepping Stone path leads the best of them to a Dream Land, peopled by thinkers and artists. I have no doubt that Leandro Fregonesi, presenting his songs, will get there.”
Rildo Hora
(Brazil’s most important samba’s producer nowadays)

Tour team
01 artist
04 to 08 musicians
01 sound engineer 
01 producer
01 to 04 dancers (optional)
01 roadie (optional)
01 light designer (optional)

terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Renata Jambeiro

Renata Jambeiro is a singer and actress. She has performed across Brazil and abroad, defending her characteristic africanness, 3 times in Africa and in Berlin, Germany (2013) and Cannes, France – Midem Festival (2014).

She started her artistic trajectory in musical theatre when she was 16 years old and is also a graduated actress in the University of Brasilia, Brazil. 

Jambeiro won her first Music Award when she was 20 years old. She is respected as the samba representative of Brazil's capital. Renata joined the Caravan of Sport and Music (Disney/ESPN/Unicef) three years ago, teaching music and singing. She performed at the Olympic Torch Concert, in Brasilia.

Renata Jambeiro is releasing her CD "Fogaréu" and was nominated for the award - Prêmio da Música Brasileira 2016 - as “Best Samba Singer” 

She has released 3 CDs, 1 DVD and 1 Documentary 


Cantiga Para Ninar Meu Namorado

Vídeo - Song: Levanta

Nova Era (Leandro Fregonesi / João Martins)

Preceito (Toninho Geraes / Roque Ferreira)

Videoclipe - Nova Era (Leandro Fregonesi / João Martins)

CD Fogaréu

DVD - Sambaluayê - Renata Jambeiro

Tour team
01 artist
04 to 08 musicians
01 sound engineer 
01 producer
01 to 04 dancers (optional)
01 roadie (optional)
01 light designer (optional)